Instant visual insights for product teams

Many companies building apps can't align around a shared product understanding. They iterate based on outdated design boards, test only a fraction of use cases, and miss chances to highlight great features in their sales and marketing.
Appviewer provides product managers, QA, devs, designers, product marketers, and executive roles with instant visual insights.
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Free 30-Day Trial
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Pre-release reviews

Ship updates faster

Publish relevant UI states and edge cases to Appviewer during development and enable instant team reviews right in the browser.

No need to ship and install test versions or for anyone to have a physical device.
Team conversation about updated app screenshots
Iterating on features used to involve a lot of slow manual testing. Now, we can verify visual changes really quickly and provide feedback to our developers very early on.
Saves a lot of back-and-forth!
Valeria Erdmann
Product Manager
Visual QA

Test more in less time

Catch visual bugs before they pose greater debugging challenges or even reach live users.

Make sure results align with designs across screen sizes and languages in our intuitive web app, making it far more effective than manual testing on physical devices.
A page showing the same app screen on different devices
20 screens
x 6 states
x 2 languages
x 3 devices
x 2 orientations
= 1440 UI-variations
Break down team silos

Collaborate seamlessly

Easily share updates or prototypes with all stakeholders to demo options, discuss trade-offs, or clarify requirements.

Asynchronous and virtual-first workflows help to reduce friction in hybrid working conditions.
A team conversation about updated app screenshots
Ensuring a first-class experience for all our users is essential for us as a brand [...] And to have one place where we see how our app behaves across many devices and scenarios really helps.
Michael Reichelt
Head of Product
Knowledge base

Document UI versions

Document how UIs actually look, not just what they're supposed to look in a centralized single source of truth.

Provide everyone with product insights, for easier onboarding of colleagues, customer support, or the ability to track back changes.
A page showing an app UI version history
NEW: Live Monitoring

Understand data flows

Now you can also review and understand events that are happening in the background during manual tests - right from your browser.

Verify events and data exchanged with your API or third parties like Google Analytics or Facebook.
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Appviewer Live Monitor showing events flowing in
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How Appviewer helps MYBESTBRANDS to
innovate and iterate faster

Wins for every role in a product company
...can collect very fast feedback for features under development and up productivity. And earlier feedback means less stress towards deadlines.
Product Managers
...gain early-on visibility into progress, and easily review and approve changes. It's also a great starting point to brainstorm and discuss new features.
Designers have an easy on-screen way of verifying design implementations across many real-world scenarios. It also provides them with an accurate reference point for upcoming design changes.
...can drastically accelerate visual reviews of test versions and RCs across many scenarios and devices, freeing time for thorough functionality and exploratory testing.
Sales, Marketing and Customer Support
...are less dependent on developers, get a broader product understanding, know what features to highlight, and can engage more seamlessly with customers.
CPOs and Executives having accurate up-to-date product insights instead of having to rely on outdated documentation or design boards.

Integrates with your stack

Use our SDKs or REST API to publish screenshots to Appviewer. Easily integrate with your UI testing framework of choice and mock the UI states of interest.
We also allow you to record test data from your running app and reuse it as your mocks.
A code snippet showing how Appviewer is integrated
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Run from any CI/CD

Appviewer is designed to be run from your CI/CD pipeline. Capture and publish snapshots on push, PR, or release, or filter by selected branches. But for quick alignment of development snapshots, you can also run locally.
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How is this different from Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch or Zeplin?


While your design tools do a great job in capturing design requirements, they are not built to provide product insights for your team. Appviewer is a great complement in that it's purpose-built to show what things actually look like when implemented, not only how they are supposed to look. Designs are also limited to only a few scenarios. Appviewer integrates with your actual code, so it is an accurate representation of your application, incl. last-minute changes and states outside the happy path. It generally allows capturing a lot more real-world scenarios your users will encounter.

Does Appviewer replace manual testing?


Conducting proper functionality testing is essential. But deploying test versions, installing them, and cycling through the steps of all your test scenarios for each relevant test device is also very time-consuming. Appviewer can help you reduce the number of those manual testing cycles by providing a dedicated workflow to visually review changes separately and very efficiently across different screen sizes. Your manual tests can then focus on the behavioral side of a change and are a lot less likely to surface visual bugs.

We already have automated testing in place, do we need this?


Automated tests help you ensure that your most important features behave as intended. And while you can also stretch it to ensure that UI elements are, for example, present or clickable, they don't serve the purpose to verify that everything looks as desired. Appviewer can nicely complement your existing test suite to help you ensure a perfect visual appearance of your app as well. In fact, our integration is also based on automated tests, so you gain extra benefits from your testable architecture.

How is this different from screenshot testing?


Screenshot testing can help you avoid unintended visual changes. The downside is that also every intended change in appearance would make your tests fail, so developers need to constantly set new reference snapshots to compare with. While this might be acceptable for some cases, for most teams this hit on developer productivity is an issue. Apart from that, those images can seriously bloat your code repository. Nevertheless, we also believe that teams need tools to verify their app's UI, but that the full potential lies in involving other functions of your team or company.

Can we use Appviewer with Confluence, Notion, or our Wiki?


Sure! Having great product documentation can really help every product-related role in your company and new colleagues during onboarding. But it involves a lot of manual effort to keep it up-to-date and reliable. And while Appviewer is the go-to place to see your product at a glance, it can also help you update your already existing product docs in, e.g., Confluence or Notion.

Does Appviewer work with Jira Software?


You already use Jira or your favorite alternative for managing sprints. Appviewer helps to write more precise requirements and provide clearer feedback by referencing accurate snapshots along every step of your ticket progress. We might offer deeper integration in the future as well.

We are a software agency, is Appviewer also for us?


If you are working on a non-trivial application in close alignment with your client, Appviewer is a great way to frequently showcase your progress and collect valuable early client feedback without needing fully-working test versions. It also gives you confidence that every version you ship looks great on the majority of user devices. If you are working with an outsourced development team, it's even more valuable to shortcut feedback loops and have additional means to review a broad range of test scenarios.

Further questions? Let us know!
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