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Watch events and data flows to understand your app without browsing outdated product docs, logs, or the need for developer research.
Verify behavior, fix issues, and prepare new features with instant insights for everyone in your product org.
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Read how product orgs deal with product knowledge today and why none of it works
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Dynamic event capturing and intelligent data analysis
to provide real-time monitoring and a holistic view of your current app behavior.

LIVE labelAppviewer Live Monitor showing events flowing in
In-Browser Monitor

Verify app behavior

Product Managers, QA, Developers, and other product roles can now all easily examine app events and data flows - right from the browser.

Great for manual testing, problem analysis, and preparation of change requests.
Leverage insights and save precious dev time.
An Android logcat window
Accessible Insights

Forget logfiles

Scrolling and filtering through hundreds of lines of logs is an exhausting developer task.

To help the whole team understand data flows and app behavior, Appviewer acts as a clean, component-based monitor of events as they happen.
Ensuring a first-class experience for all our users is essential for us as a brand [...] And to have one place where we see how our app behaves across many scenarios really helps.
Michael Reichelt
Head of Product
Up-to-date SSOT

Create product docs

We aggregate the monitored behavior to an always up-to-date single source of truth about your app.

Provide everyone with product insights. For sprint planning, easier onboarding of colleagues, or the ability to track back changes.
Appviewer autocreated documentation
Automatic value tagging

Contextualize data

Making sense of your data is crucial, so we auto-annotate common data types and enable you to add domain-specific tags and map technical keys.

Preview color codes or image urls, and translate IDs or flags from other data sets. Don't waste time digging out requirement docs, or querying other data pools.
Appviewer annotating data values
Record test data

Replay & capture UI

Inject the monitored real-world data in your automated tests - no more time wasted on maintaining test data.

This works especially well with the tests feeding your UI gallery, so you can capture accurate UI scenarios, and enable instant team reviews right in the browser.
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Team conversation about updated app screenshots
Iterating on features used to involve a lot of slow manual testing. Now, we can verify changes really quickly and provide feedback to our developers very early on.
Saves a lot of back-and-forth!
Valeria Erdmann
Product Manager
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Keeping product orgs aligned
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